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Creating a mod for Verdant Skies:

To learn how to create a mod for Verdant Skies, check out the modding section of the wiki.

Modding Resources:

The base content of the game has been made available for you to use as a reference when creating  your mods. You may download it here:

Do you source files for other in-game artwork for your mod? Let us know on the Steam modding forum!

Getting the mod uploader:

In Verdant Skies 1.4 and later, the mod uploader tool is built into the steam version of the game! Just click the Md Uploader button on the mods page. Make sure to enable Mod Developer Mode. The old standalone version would still work:

To upload a mod, use the mod uploader tool for windows. You can download a binary that’s already configured to work with Verdant Skies:

Alternatively, source code and additional documentation is available on this github page.