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Narrative - Design - Production

Beth has a passion for games which is surpassed only by her passion to help people. Fully believing that games are for everyone, she is always looking for ways to encourage diversity in the game dev community and support new and genre-busting games. She is a co-organizer for the local chapter of IGDA and the mastermind behind the Midwest Game Jam.


Programming - Design

Andy's been programming games full-time since 2009. C# is his favorite language, but he's developed apps in Obj-C, C, Java, and Ruby. Sometimes, he's even forced to use PHP. A creator at heart, he loves to tinker with electronics and produce masterpieces as an amateur woodworker. Always up for a challenge, he participates in a lot of game jams.


Art Direction and Production

Lizzy's journey into the digital art world began at the age of 16, when her parents bought her a Bamboo tablet and some simple drawing software. From then on, she was hooked on drawing characters and creating fantasy landscapes. Already well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a game artist, Lizzy continues to push herself daily to improve her craft, no excuses.


Music Composition

Troy writes fun music for fun games. A passionate composer and educator, he’s been writing for band, orchestra, film, and games since 2005. He teaches music, game design, woodworking, and robotics at a Minneapolis charter school and spends most of his free time playing games, making robots, and figuring out how to survive on less and less sleep (with less and less hair).

  • Scott Lembcke – Shader and General Programming Wisdom
  • Topher Pirkl – Sound Effects
  • Deborah Garcia – Animal Artwork
  • Sarah Huisken – Additional Art
  • Ethan Calabria – Additional Art

Special Thanks

  • Dale Walseth Jr – PAX West Team
  • Sara Ferret – PAX East Team
  • Toiya Kristen Finley – Editor
  • Carmen Marin – Editor
  • Carl Ashby – Editor
  • Joseph Lee – Web Design
  • Jonathan Czeck – Effects Programming, Particle Effects
  • Becky, Dan, Chris, and Hayden – longform playtesters

Mailing Address:

Howling Moon Software LLP, P.O. Box 2562, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076-2562