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Summer Modding Update and Sale!

By June 26, 2019Development

Verdant Skies is now at 1.4.0! This huge update has major new features for mod makers and mod enthusiasts. We’ve also reworked romance events for Sasha, Yuki, Rosie, Wyatt and Miles. You’ll now have new flirting options with these characters, and if you’re not hinting at a relationship, they won’t confess their love for you.

Verdant Skies is on sale 65% off on Steam! Now’s the perfect time to gift it to a friend! We’re also on sale on our store, where you can get a DRM-free version.

Have you played the new teenager update yet? Version 1.3 allows you to choose one of your children to grow up. Guide them through boarding school and interact with them once they return to the colony. A new set of Quantum Technology events tie into the growth of your child and provide high-priced end-game goodies! There’s even a new vocal music track in a special ending event!

Major New Features in 1.4.0:

  • The Mod Uploader tool is now built into the game, making it easier than ever to share your mod. 
  • Create and view waypoints for custom dialog events, schedules, and more.
  • A large amount of documentation for modding has been added to the wiki!
  • Rework character events for Sasha, Yuki, Rosie, Wyatt, and Miles. These characters have a few flirting questions, and won’t confess their love to you unless you hint pretty strongly that you’re interested. If you don’t hint to them, you’ll have the option to confess to them.

New Changes:

  • More changes to support stranger aspect ratios.
  • Intro now has an animated starfield. This might help with a few people who got stuck on black screens on the intro.
  • Redo the mod list to better show mod information.
  • Modders can use the “talkTo” element when defining event triggers to specify which person’s friendship is checked with minFriendship.
  • Better logging for potential audio engine issues.
  • Minor typo fixes and text improvements, like telling you which inventory is full when you get seeds.
  • Add a dropdown list to choose your resolution.
  • Yuki fan art dialog added.
  • Lots of new Yuki daily dialog if you’ve had a commitment ceremony with her.
  • Clean up save file format- it’s now easier to browse and debug.
  • Save files track which mods were used in their creation. It will warn you if you’ve loaded a save and might not have the correct mods.
  • Ratchet up the compression quality on a few assets.


  • Items mounted on bookcases, etc sometimes would end up on the floor until you re-entered your house. This is fixed.
  • Fix Miles’ shipping quest value calculation being off by one.
  • Fix typo in Rosie’s marsh boots dialog and Jade’s 4th heart event.
  • Mouseover icon could sometimes be incorrect if you’re the keyboard and mouse at the same time.
  • Wyatt now gets a big bed, just like everyone else.
  • Sometimes greyed out buttons wouldn’t highlight. This is fixed now.
  • Some waypoints were incorrect in Wyatt’s 8th heart event.
  • Prevent a weird case where you could move items during the shipping animation and lose them.
  • Fix the JumpIfOutdoors modding command.
  • Fix an issue where baby rename events might happen even if you don’t have a baby with that person (save migration issue prior to 1.3.0).
This amazing fan art is by keicyanyanart, check her out on Twitter!